Top Design Trends in PVD Coated Chairs

Top Design Trends in PVD Coated Chairs

In the furniture business, especially chairs, a new facet is PVD coated chairs, meaning that there is a coordination of personalities, beauty and efficiency in the latest furniture designs.

5 Design Trends in PVD Coated Chairs

Metallic Marvels

CVD coatings have been varying in the color of metallic finishes, from the traditional colours of gold and silver to the new black and hues of rose gold and bronze. These finishes give elegance and sleekness to any design of a chair, making it look like the high-end product it is.

More Than Metallic

As metallics persist as the current flavor, it is pertinent to remember that PVD technology, in program, creates chairs in a diversity of non-metallic hues, from deep blue to emerald green to bi-colored. This even creates more opportunities for artistic freedom when it comes to design and individualism concerning furniture options.

Textured Touches

Compared to the usual smooth and sleek surfaces of chairs, PVD coatings can create a massive number of textures, which adds extra depth to the design. The two polar ends vary from a polished extreme to a dull or satin-like complexion, and can easily be anything in between. Textured surfaces bring some sort of depth and they give the chairs that certain class that they need.

Modern Minimalism

Thanks to their polished appearance, simple geometric shapes harmoniously complement the minimalist trends of modern furniture and home accessories and parts collections, including PVD coatings. Chairs with a PVD coating could be used to add glamour to, at the very least, a minimalist theme without Halo’ing it.


PVD coatings are strong elements in that you’ll definitely have to deal with scratch resistance. Therefore, PVD coated chairs will prove highly effective in areas that experience a lot of movement or if the house has friendly animals. Moreover, the finish of PVD is universal in terms of its applicability in as many rooms in the house as will be in the dining room / living room / home office or even outdoors.


So, there are the latest design trends when it comes to PVD Coated Chairs in 2024. We hope it comes in handy for you when you go out to buy the latest PVD Coated furniture for your home and office. You can go through our collection and buy the latest trendy PCD Coated furniture.