What is PVD Coating?

What is PVD Coating?

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is a process through which you can either create a layer of pure material or a mix of them. This process involves turning solid material into vapour in a vacuum and then deposited onto surfaces.

The PVD Process Explained

It’s a 4-step process.


This is the process where high-energy sources like electron or ion beams are used to bombard a target. By doing that, the process ensures atom dislodging and vaporisation.


In this step, the vaporised atoms are now moved from the target to the substrate or directly to the piece to be coated.


This is the reaction step, which depends on the type of the target. In case of metal target, metal atoms of the PVD coatings like metal oxides, carbides or nitrides will react with selected gases. These gases can be oxygen, nitrogen, methane, etc.


Deposition is the last step. The coating builds up and bonds to the substrate’s surface. Sometimes, it even goes deeper than the surface, which eventually ensures a lasting adhesion.

Safety of PVD Coatings

In terms of safety, PVD processes offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plating techniques.

They significantly reduce the use, management, and disposal of toxic substances compared to wet processes involving fluid precursors and chemical reactions. PVD’s ability to produce pure, clean, and durable coatings makes it particularly favoured in industries like surgery and medical implants.

Applications of PVD Coatings

PVD coatings find application across various high-tech industries, owing to their versatility and durability. Some notable applications include:

  • Coating composites for aerospace applications.
  • Applying titanium coatings on medical implants and surgical tools.
  • Using gold thin films instead of plating for electronics.
  • Utilising non-metal, chemical-resistant oxides for semiconductor parts.
  • Applying hard ceramic coatings for industrial tools.

With such diverse applications, it’s no wonder PVD coatings are a preferred choice in numerous industries seeking high-performance, long-lasting surface treatments.

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